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Hay Day Review


Hay Day - An Intuitive Game for iPhone, iPad, and Android

Hay Day hack is a game that allows you to raise cuddly cartoon livestock and grow crops. The good thing is that the game is available in the app for free and it's a real gem. The game is visually appealing and it is going to keep you occupied for hours. When you are playing the game, you can raise livestock such as cows, sheep, pigs and goats or take care of poultry. You can also grow crops such as corn and wheat. You can also have a vegetable patch where you can grow tomatoes and carrots. Even if you don't enjoy doing actual farm work, the app can turn you into a diligent farmer who wakes up early in the morning to milk cows and tend to the field. The theme of the game is quite simple. You have been left with a big farm to look after. You are then required to raise farm animals like cows, sheep and chicken and grow crops like corn and wheat. You are also required to juggle numerous tasks that go into maintaining a top grade ranch.

When you are playing Hay Day hack, you need to feed all the animals and ensure that they have enough drinking water. Other chores include weeding the farm, milking the cows and collecting eggs from the poultry section. You might also need to paint your silo in order to spruce up your farm. Occasionally, you may have visitors from other farms swinging by, offering money or tasks for your wares, like bread, milk or eggs. Apart from dealing with fresh produce, the game allows you to build an empire by harvesting your crops and then building dairies, sugar mills or bakeries. You can then turn your produce into finished goods and trade with others at the farmer's market.

Playing Hay Day hack is fun due to the intuitive user interface that allows you to use touch gestures such as swiping. You can also raise and take care of comical farm animals having quirky personalities. The game has beautiful animations and wonderful sounds, which enhance your gaming experience. This is an addictive game that you can play everyday without getting bored. You can watch your farm grow from a small undertaking into a huge empire, serving many people. You can freely download the app on Google Play Store of the Apple iTunes Store and you can play it on your smart phone or tablet PC.